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Pope Francis takes refugees to Vatican

Japan hit by earthquakes

The gunman from the Planned Parenthood claims to be “warrior for the babies”

Reckless drivers in Thailand will work at mortuaries

Chinese authorities angry with the remarks of G7

The sister tricked by brothers on the zombie attack - video

Japanese girl died after watching the anime about flying children

Uber disclosed information on its users

Septuagenary found after more than a week of search

Beyoncé’s new line of bodycons

Congress sent the President Obama bill on Zika-virus

A baby died on the 1st day at nursery

Canada invests $6.5 billion into the aborigines’ living condition

EU authorities afraid that great numbers of refugee children were kidnapped

Minister in relationship with a prostitute

Taliban starts “new season” in Afghanistan

Chinese will be able to play golf again

The Olsen twins showed one day of their lives on Instagram

New 360 camera by Facebook

Venezuela is the victim of drought

Canada sells weapons to Saudi Arabia

Dead body laid uncovered downtown Indianapolis

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